My Musings

October 21, 2010

How I learnt to stop worrying and love enterprise microblogging

Communication is changing. Email’s days are numbers. Does Yammer represent the answer to a siloed organisaions engagement pain? Or is it just another productivity sapping Facebook?

October 13, 2010

Why you probably shouldn’t buy your first home just yet

It’s a concept held in the highest of esteem for the vast majority of Australia’s young people. Nothing represents that same level of security, of having your shit together, than being able to call it “your own”. The media tells us it is entry to untold wealths, and our parents talk about purchasing additional to fund their retirement. So why then is now the absolute worst time for anyone of Generation Y to look at purchasing their first home?

October 6, 2010

Social Media Club Melbourne – October 2010

Telstra and Sensis are excellent examples of old world organisations being pulled kicking and screaming into the new age, both now exploring the peril and opportunities of engaging with your customers in the social space.