Bank of Melbourne – *Is* better banking closer?

Big news out of bankland this morning is the Westpac announcement that they will be resurrecting the Bank of Melbourne to replace St George’s presence in Melbourne. The Bank of Melbourne brand has been absent from Victoria since 2004, following acquisition by Westpac in 1997. By relaunching this brand the Sydney based Westpac is making a strong statement of commitment into traditionally ANZ and NAB held retail and business heartland, investing... Read More

#nabfail – viral, done wrong

Full disclosure: Prior to my current role, I worked for the NAB. Most of my time spent in the business was around the wealth management space, but most recently I had been helping the guys with some work for retail banking customer development. With that in mind, I’m not 100% certain how appropriate it is I discuss the strategy or approach of my former employer. As a result, if anyone from the bank does feel that this over steps any boundaries,... Read More

Product Testing Westpac’s Bluechip 20

General Advice Warning: The information contained on this web site is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial advisor. With 2010 coming to a close – failing a Christmas miracle Santa rally over the next few days – it’s safe to suggest it has been a hard 12 months... Read More

Banking reforms and the fifth pillar – what it really means?

  Following tireless lobbying by the Australian people (via the reader comments section), the government has finally acted on the unscrupulous fat cats in bank land, with Wayne Swan yesterday announcing sweeping, industry transforming reforms aimed at increasing bank competition and establishing a “fifth pillar” of financial service.    Oh wait. No he didn’t. No, instead of any real, decisive change, the Treasurer has introduced... Read More

REVEALED: Australia’s Sexiest Bank HQ’s

We’ve been bombarded recently with tales of multi-billion dollar profits out of our biggest banks, but it’s not all one sided – these banks have big expenses too; like some of the most impressive office space in Australia! Lets have a look at some of the pre & post GFC extravagance your 6.45% standard variable rates support. ANZ ANZ has recently moved into a brand new space in Docklands, Melbourne. Representing Australia’s... Read More

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