My own little startup!

Launching soon! Sometime in the next couple of weeks you’ll be hearing a little about my first startup, . Briefly, the concept of our site is around making it easy to track all the cool stuff you find on the internet and share those finds with friends. It has been an awesome experience seeing the site come together over the past couple of months and a few of the people I have shown it to have said “this looks complicated, how... Read More

Launch48 Melbourne – Hacking together a webapp for fun and profit

The gang hanging out; hacking web apps. Earlier this month over 50 developers, designers, marketers, managers and entrepreneurs came together to participate in the inaugural Melbourne Launch48 event. I caught wind of Launch48 after seeing a retweet a few days following my arrival back in Melbourne from a whirlwind tour of New York, Austin, and San Fran where I was fortunate enough to meet with some very exciting people doing amazing... Read More

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