Hot Wheels: A growing list of Melbourne Food Trucks

Melbourne is going through a bit of a love affair with dining al-van-o. Following an explosion in the concept that began making waves in LA a few years, Melburnians now know to scan Twitter to find the best options for cheap, tasty, quality roadside meals. This is an ongoing list of a few of my favourites: 1) Beatbox Kitchen It all started with Raph. I first heard about Raph Rashid and his Beatbox Kitchen about a year back. This dude was rolling... Read More

#occupycoles (or intelligent discourse going down, down, down)

Coles has placed itself in the middle of a social media shit-storm today following a pricing error which offered cases of popular beers James Squires Golden Ale and Coopers Pale Ale at the unbelievably (unbelievably) low price of $15.99 – a discount of almost $35.00! The error was picked up at around 8pm Monday evening and within the hour was posted to deals website OzBargain. Twitter and Facebook took care of the rest and shortly thereafter... Read More

Tweet Eats – Melbourne Foodie Social Media Success

Photos used under CreativeCommons with thanks to Charles Haynes & Emily Oak Melbournian’s are particularly keen on a couple of thing; they love their coffee & food, but even more so, they love talking about it. Whether the experience excellent or poor, Social Media has provided a loud and clear voice to those who wish to vocialise their praise or chastise those who haven’t meet expectations. So how does small business best start... Read More

#nabfail – viral, done wrong

Full disclosure: Prior to my current role, I worked for the NAB. Most of my time spent in the business was around the wealth management space, but most recently I had been helping the guys with some work for retail banking customer development. With that in mind, I’m not 100% certain how appropriate it is I discuss the strategy or approach of my former employer. As a result, if anyone from the bank does feel that this over steps any boundaries,... Read More

Aussie Corporate Social Media – Old business; big opportunity

A couple of days back a colleague mentioned that our organisation was considering what internal and external opportunity might existing in regards to Social Media. This is coming from an organisation who let HR shut down Yammer, so it’s fair to say we’re a pretty old-world operation here. But it got me thinking, how can traditional business get itself started in the social space, and what are the opportunities and risks they will... Read More

Are Aussie Banks “Getting” social?

Where we at? Up until recently most Australian banks have appeared purposefully unaware of the impact Social Media was creating as a customer service channel. Australia’s bank oligopoly ensures that innovation need only move at a snail’s pace, and disruptive change allowed to be monitored, understood, and then acted on in due course. In comparasion, organisations in other industries have needed to be considerably more agile if they hoped to... Read More

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