What Apple does next – The Apple TV (1/3)

By all accounts 2011 was a massive year for Apple. While their product offerings didn’t include some the earlier years blockbuster announcement, 2011 was marked by some very well received improvements to current product lines (with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, introduction of the iCloud), a stella profit result, and one a sadder note, the death of Steve Jobs. Stemming from this success is a company stepping into 2012 with maturing product lines... Read More

What Apple does next – iPhone 5 (2/3)

This is part two in the ‘What Apple does next’ series. Check out part one (Apple TV) & part three (iPad 3) iPhone 5 Prediction: Bigger screen,  new form design, NFC and iOS 6! Coming July 2012. Many were disappointed last year when – after delaying the usual cycle of release – Apple delivered an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 4 instead of a widely anticipated total refresh in the form of the iPhone 5. As a result... Read More

What Apple does next – iPad 3 (3/3)

This is part three in the ‘What Apple does Next’ series. Check out part one (Apple TV) & part two (iPhone 5) iPad 3 Prediction: Upgrade released March. Incremental improvement on the iPad 2. Same hardware design with slightly higher specs.  Sadly for the tablet market, the iPad’s current dominance over competitors is allowing Apple to rest of its laurels when it comes to any real upgrades to the current iPad offering. What... Read More

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