Picking up by the roadside (or, even more Melbourne food trucks)

So you’ve had a crack at the deliciousness of Part 1 of my Food Truck Odyssey and you’re still hungry?! Some people are never pleased. Fine, here’s four more awesome Melbourne Food Truck Trucks to satisfy those curb-side cravings. 5) Grub Food Van What do you do when dreams of converting an unloved vacant block in the heart of Fitzroy into a community farm, are dashed by an uncaring local council? You pick yourself up, dust... Read More

Hot Wheels: A growing list of Melbourne Food Trucks

Melbourne is going through a bit of a love affair with dining al-van-o. Following an explosion in the concept that began making waves in LA a few years, Melburnians now know to scan Twitter to find the best options for cheap, tasty, quality roadside meals. This is an ongoing list of a few of my favourites: 1) Beatbox Kitchen It all started with Raph. I first heard about Raph Rashid and his Beatbox Kitchen about a year back. This dude was rolling... Read More

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