Bank of Melbourne – *Is* better banking closer?

Big news out of bankland this morning is the Westpac announcement that they will be resurrecting the Bank of Melbourne to replace St George’s presence in Melbourne. The Bank of Melbourne brand has been absent from Victoria since 2004, following acquisition by Westpac in 1997. By relaunching this brand the Sydney based Westpac is making a strong statement of commitment into traditionally ANZ and NAB held retail and business heartland, investing... Read More

Tweet Eats – Melbourne Foodie Social Media Success

Photos used under CreativeCommons with thanks to Charles Haynes & Emily Oak Melbournian’s are particularly keen on a couple of thing; they love their coffee & food, but even more so, they love talking about it. Whether the experience excellent or poor, Social Media has provided a loud and clear voice to those who wish to vocialise their praise or chastise those who haven’t meet expectations. So how does small business best start... Read More

Banking reforms and the fifth pillar – what it really means?

  Following tireless lobbying by the Australian people (via the reader comments section), the government has finally acted on the unscrupulous fat cats in bank land, with Wayne Swan yesterday announcing sweeping, industry transforming reforms aimed at increasing bank competition and establishing a “fifth pillar” of financial service.    Oh wait. No he didn’t. No, instead of any real, decisive change, the Treasurer has introduced... Read More

Is Facebook going to be your next bank?

As Facebook continues its roll towards 1 billion served, attentions are focused on its next move. Already close to surpassing Google in both volume of hits and time spent online, and holding arguably the best customer insights of any online provider, it’s safe to say social networking is not the be all and end all of Facebook’s offerings. So what do you do when you’ve got the world’s biggest, most interconnected platform? You start making... Read More

Are Aussie Banks “Getting” social?

Where we at? Up until recently most Australian banks have appeared purposefully unaware of the impact Social Media was creating as a customer service channel. Australia’s bank oligopoly ensures that innovation need only move at a snail’s pace, and disruptive change allowed to be monitored, understood, and then acted on in due course. In comparasion, organisations in other industries have needed to be considerably more agile if they hoped to... Read More

The Disney Customer Experience

A few years back I was fortunate enough to participate in an overseas study tour for the Australian financial services organisation I was working for at the time. The tour took 20 people from service and product backgrounds across the USA to study best practice service organisations. The tour was seniority agnostic, which resulted in a great mix of people from all different backgrounds and experience and aimed to influence the touries around both... Read More

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