August update

Yikes, what a Month: August chart (click for big) So it was all smooth sailing at the start of the month. We had a very rapid rise from last month’s close of 9.50 to a dizzying 14.00 – and then it all came crashing down. Fortunately, I expected this was coming, so I squirrelled away part of our balance in cash awaiting the correction. As a result we were less impacted than we might have been if we had attempted to ride the wave all... Read More

July update

As of today, your investment is worth close to double what you gave me 6 months ago. July update – Click for big So after such a big month, what does the spreadsheet tell us? Topping even last years meteoric rise, this month has delivered an absolutely massive 38.70% increase has resulted in total gains since inception of 94% Great news right? Well I’m not so sure. There’s a lot of talk about manipulation in the market and... Read More

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