What Apple does next – The Apple TV (1/3)

By all accounts 2011 was a massive year for Apple. While their product offerings didn’t include some the earlier years blockbuster announcement, 2011 was marked by some very well received improvements to current product lines (with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, introduction of the iCloud), a stella profit result, and one a sadder note, the death of Steve Jobs. Stemming from... Read More

What Apple does next – iPhone 5 (2/3)

This is part two in the ‘What Apple does next’ series. Check out part one (Apple TV) & part three (iPad 3) iPhone 5 Prediction: Bigger screen,  new form design, NFC and iOS 6! Coming July 2012. Many were disappointed last year when – after delaying the usual cycle of release – Apple delivered an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 4 instead of a widely... Read More

What Apple does next – iPad 3 (3/3)

This is part three in the ‘What Apple does Next’ series. Check out part one (Apple TV) & part two (iPhone 5) iPad 3 Prediction: Upgrade released March. Incremental improvement on the iPad 2. Same hardware design with slightly higher specs.  Sadly for the tablet market, the iPad’s current dominance over competitors is allowing Apple to rest of its laurels... Read More

Brunswick NBN Zone

View Brunswick NBN Boundaries in a larger map   I wasn’t able to find a simple Google Maps view of the Brunswick NBN zone. Hopefully this is of interest to someone else too.  Read More

BJ Fogg and the science of Behaviour Design

Fogg explains the Behavior Model Last week I was lucky enough to attend a workshop facilitated by Dr BJ Fogg around how to make people do whatever it is that you want them to do. No, this wasn’t some weird “unleashing the monster within” Anthony Robbins style session. Instead, Fogg preaches the use of behaviour design methodologies to understand the psychology behind... Read More

AMPlify: Sidestep and Twist – Why innovation fails

Why are Amex and Visa popular when Diners Club was first to market with the credit card? How did Apple manage to corner an overwhelming share of the portable mp3-player business when the RIO, Nomad, and IXI came first? And whatever happened to Excite anyway? James Gardner (General Manager at Spigit and a thought leader on innovation) believes he knows the answer. He suggests businesses... Read More

Launch48 Melbourne – Hacking together a webapp for fun and profit

The we.teach.us gang hanging out; hacking web apps. Earlier this month over 50 developers, designers, marketers, managers and entrepreneurs came together to participate in the inaugural Melbourne Launch48 event. I caught wind of Launch48 after seeing a retweet a few days following my arrival back in Melbourne from a whirlwind tour of New York, Austin, and San Fran where I was... Read More

#ie9launch Party / Review

Microsoft were showing off their new web browsing baby last night, and through the joys of Twitter I managed to score an invite to the Melbourne launch party. The event, paid for by Microsoft and hosted by tech blogger Delicate Genius aimed at introducing the new functionality and benefits of the IE9, and providing some direct comparasion against the current browser innovation... Read More

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