Qantas Club lounge access for CHEAP!

I just came across a VERY attractive offer for anyone with overseas trip coming up. Qantas provides access to a number of lounges locally and internationally. These are great when you’ve got a few hours to spend in the airport, and generally offer a more comfortable environment, free food and booze, and even showers if you feel like one. Generally, to access the Qantas Club... Read More

Around the World for $150

Exchanging Qantas Frequent Flyer points for actual flights can be a notoriously difficult task. While there are great bargains to be had, getting the most value out of your points requires a lot of time and patience as you start comparing Classic vs Points Plus Pay, navigate deals under partner sites, and weigh up the benefit of paying directly, or upgrading previously purchased... Read More

Hot stocks for 2013 – Jumbo Interactive

With less than a month to go, I believe 2012 will linger in many investors’ memories as the year things finally started to turn around. After 5 years of generally disappointing post-GFC returns, the market had to endure more troubling mid-year volatility courtesy of our friend in the Eurozone. Months later, when Greece and its compatriots finally looked like turning around,... Read More

Launch48 – May 2012 – Still launching

So you want to launch a startup, but don’t have a team, the technical know-how, or even a clue about where to start? Don’t worry! Now, thanks to Launch 48, it’s easy to build your idea into something amazing. Launch 48 provides a place for Zuckerberg-wannabes to link up with like-minded co-founders to dive into the world of wireframes, pivots and (hopefully) monetization. By... Read More

Picking up by the roadside (or, even more Melbourne food trucks)

So you’ve had a crack at the deliciousness of Part 1 of my Food Truck Odyssey and you’re still hungry?! Some people are never pleased. Fine, here’s four more awesome Melbourne Food Truck Trucks to satisfy those curb-side cravings. 5) Grub Food Van What do you do when dreams of converting an unloved vacant block in the heart of Fitzroy into a community farm,... Read More

The curious case for Chalice Gold Mines (or psssst: want a 60% ‘guaranteed’ return?)

In case you’ve missed the the news out of Greece, China and the Pilbra this week, the sky is most definitely falling. Following continued volatility out of the Eurozone, global investment markets are experiencing a massive contraction, and everyone is losing their life savings. Again. True, it’s all very much doom and gloom right now, but it’s often in the darkest... Read More

iKill – The true cost of Apple products

Great infographic from on the true impact your purchase of an iPhone has on some of the lowest paid workers in the world. Created by:  Read More

…so I started a Bitcoin hedge fund

Over the past couple of months I’ve been toying with a new approach to currency, called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic cash system using peer-to-peer networking, digital signatures and cryptographic proof to enable irreversible payments between parties without relying on trust. Payments are made in bitcoins, a digital currency issued and transferred by the... Read More

What Apple does next – The Apple TV (1/3)

By all accounts 2011 was a massive year for Apple. While their product offerings didn’t include some the earlier years blockbuster announcement, 2011 was marked by some very well received improvements to current product lines (with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, introduction of the iCloud), a stella profit result, and one a sadder note, the death of Steve Jobs. Stemming from... Read More

What Apple does next – iPhone 5 (2/3)

This is part two in the ‘What Apple does next’ series. Check out part one (Apple TV) & part three (iPad 3) iPhone 5 Prediction: Bigger screen,  new form design, NFC and iOS 6! Coming July 2012. Many were disappointed last year when – after delaying the usual cycle of release – Apple delivered an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 4 instead of a widely... Read More

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