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Hi, my name is Steve

I’ve worked in Online Development and Customer Experience for a bunch of Aussie financial service organisations since I was a little tacker. Professionally, I’ve spent a bit of time at QBE,  then MLC/NAB and most recently with AXA Australia (now AMP) working on their innovative North investment platform.

I started off dreaming about being a graphic designer, then, an events manager, so it’s obvious to see how I wound up doing what I’m doing.

Fortunately, most of my roles have provided me ample opportunity to use some of the more creative elements of my skill set and build some great tools for our customers.

I have a deep passion for cool stuff in the User Experience and Service Design space, and think it’s amazing the pace of innovation that’s happening in this field. As organisations begin to move away from reliance on pricing/product differentiation, service experience is going to be the “killer app” the separates truely great businesses (and employers) from others scraping by, by simply being good.

I love technology, and probably have a bit of an obsession with emerging capabilities and trends. New concepts and ideas now move at light speed, and they’re enabling us to do things for our customers that couldn’t even enter our realm of consciousness a few years ago.

I have a special interest in mobile app development and Software as a Service, and think these are the fields we’re going to see the next explosion in development and investment over the coming years.

Currently I’m helping build tools and capabilities for financial planners to enable better and more effective client servicing. While also working on a number of fun project for me and my friend. I want to make the internet a better place.

What’s this all about then?

This blog is a collection of posts on various topics that interest me. You probably won’t find a lot of rhyme or reason around what I contribute, however I hope you do find something interesting (or at least something new).

My comments are my own opinion and they certainly do no represent the views of any of my employers. In fact, I often find my opinions to be very different than those of my employers!

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