May update

Happy Birthday Liz! Thanks for the day off. Guess you guys want a Bitcoinz update. Here you go: Bitcoin chart for May (click for big) See that black line? Check out how it’s on the up and up! That’s right guys, we are now filthy fucking rich! …well, actually, no we’re not, but May did see some good gains for our coinz. After a slight dip below $5.00 around mid month, the coins rebounded quickly and sat comfortably above $5.15 for the remainder of the... Read More

Launch48 – May 2012 – Still launching

So you want to launch a startup, but don’t have a team, the technical know-how, or even a clue about where to start? Don’t worry! Now, thanks to Launch 48, it’s easy to build your idea into something amazing. Launch 48 provides a place for Zuckerberg-wannabes to link up with like-minded co-founders to dive into the world of wireframes, pivots and (hopefully) monetization. By providing attendees a loose structure to guide them on their way, access to a panel... Read More

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