What Apple does next – iPad 3 (3/3)

This is part three in the ‘What Apple does Next’ series. Check out part one (Apple TV) & part two (iPhone 5)

iPad 3

Prediction: Upgrade released March. Incremental improvement on the iPad 2. Same hardware design with slightly higher specs. 

Sadly for the tablet market, the iPad’s current dominance over competitors is allowing Apple to rest of its laurels when it comes to any real upgrades to the current iPad offering.

What is coming? Apple will refresh the current model in the first or second week of March. Rumours of the quad-core A6 processor will prove unfounded – too much of a hit on battery, and that much processing power is unnecessary for the current level of application development being generated.  Instead, we’ll get an upgraded dual-core processor, and an improved GPU to support CPU hungry 3D games.

On the plus side, Apple will finally introduce the Retina display to this device, meaning a stunning 2048 x 1536 resolution.

For developers, the introduction of a faster, higher-res iPad equipped with new levels of graphics power should help generate a new flood of high-quality apps on Apple’s platform.

iPad users can therefore look forward to higher-quality apps with more professional-like features as developers push the envelope of the device’s capabilities in the months ahead.


We will also see Siri introduced, making the iPad 3 the first non-phone device with this functionality.


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