Oh God, not another Melbourne foodie’s “top” list of 2010

My nine favorite food experiences of 2010 Fear not, Longstraws isn’t turning into a food blog; I just need to think about slightly lighter content for this weeks post. King Fish Sashimi – Izakaya den Izakaya Den got their hands on more of my money than anywhere else in Melbourne during 2010. I could probably include a couple of the dishes on the menu as my favourites, but if I have to pick one, it’s going to be the kingfish sashimi. Perfect paper-thin slices of... Read More

Banking reforms and the fifth pillar – what it really means?

  Following tireless lobbying by the Australian people (via the news.com.au reader comments section), the government has finally acted on the unscrupulous fat cats in bank land, with Wayne Swan yesterday announcing sweeping, industry transforming reforms aimed at increasing bank competition and establishing a “fifth pillar” of financial service.    Oh wait. No he didn’t. No, instead of any real, decisive change, the Treasurer has introduced a few soft measures aimed at... Read More

Is Facebook going to be your next bank?

As Facebook continues its roll towards 1 billion served, attentions are focused on its next move. Already close to surpassing Google in both volume of hits and time spent online, and holding arguably the best customer insights of any online provider, it’s safe to say social networking is not the be all and end all of Facebook’s offerings. So what do you do when you’ve got the world’s biggest, most interconnected platform? You start making some money off it. Brett King’s... Read More

Aussie Corporate Social Media – Old business; big opportunity

A couple of days back a colleague mentioned that our organisation was considering what internal and external opportunity might existing in regards to Social Media. This is coming from an organisation who let HR shut down Yammer, so it’s fair to say we’re a pretty old-world operation here. But it got me thinking, how can traditional business get itself started in the social space, and what are the opportunities and risks they will face venturing into this great... Read More

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